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A Busy Cook's Guide to Flavor-Packed Cookies and Bars

“Linda Murdock has done it again by creating a cookbook that is not only delicious, but easy to use for all ranges of cooking expertise. A Busy Cook’s Guide to Flavor-Packed Cookies & Bars is the perfect complement to kitchens everywhere.”
- Jimmy Kelley, Jr., President Spices, Etc., Savannah, GA

“Great book with some tasty recipes. By organizing the book by flavors and ingredients Linda Murdock has created a really unique and helpful recipe book. I look forward to putting it to use!”
- Rob Phelan, Owner The Spicemill, Manchester, CT

“I would highly recommend this cookbook for not only the wide variety of cookie/bar flavors that would satisfy any palette, but also for the many useful hints that may be applied to other types of cooking.”
- Kathleen Curtis Village Roaster Ltd., Lakewood, CO

A Busy Cook's Guide to Spices

“I've cooked for many years, professionally for a while, and didn't fully understand the hows and whys of spices. Linda has put together a cooks resource that should be in every kitchen. Put a lot of spice in your life and cooking, and do it most effectively with this guide.”
Edward J. Bisiar, Evergreen, CO

“. . . a long overdue examination of spice and herb flavors . . . an excellent way to teach readers Ms. Murdock combines an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and spices with recipes, substitutions and a plain speaking voice. I haven’t seen this useful a cookbook in a long time and highly recommend it.”
- Catherine S. Vodrey, Convivium

“The leisurely cook, browser and food historian will find much to enjoy in this conveniently arranged reference. Bursting with valuable information, the folklore/history sidebar provides interesting background, with flavor blends and substitutions expanding its usefulness. This is a book every kitchen should contain.”
- Iva Freeman, Director of Library Services, Kendall Culinary College, Evanston, Illinois

“When customers come into our store to purchase spices they are attracted to this great resource. It helps them expand their use of spices to cook more creatively.”
- Jim & Kathleen Curtis, Owners, Village Roaster Coffee & Tea, Lakewood, Colorado

“Throughout the book . . . are charts for anything that a cook could possibly have questions about. You could say that . . . you can use the book as a guide to navigate through all of those confusing spices.”
- Jenny Egelman, Centennial Town Journal

“Any cook can learn to introduce new flavors to their cooking with this interesting, yet practical, book on spices.”
- Mona Neeley, Editor, Colorado Country Life

Mystery Lover's Puzzle Book

Looking for the perfect gift for the mystery lover on your Christmas list? You won't go wrong with the Mystery Lover's Puzzle Book, a whole book of crossword puzzles ... Clues are presented for famous mystery authors' famous characters – from Nevada Barr to Robert K. Tanenbaum...This is a fun book with the ability to soothe those stressful feelings that come with holiday seasons.
- Mary Ann Smyth, Lyndell, PA

Voted #3 Paperback Bestseller in December 2007 by Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.

Great fun - you do not have to be a crossword genius to do these puzzles. You might also find new authors whose books you want to read.
Barbara Fredericks, Goodyear, AZ

You really have to know your mystery authors to work these puzzles. It's fun!
- C. Dean, Kanab, UT

Almost Native
How to Pass as a Coloradan

“Ute Indians and Hispanics are the best candidates for the NATIVE bumper sticker. All others might well be required to take a test. And you can bone up for it with Linda’s book.”
-Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel, author of 35 books on Colorado

“... a sparkling collection of tantalizing details and humorous commentary-a real hoot to read!"
- Abbott Fay, author of I Never Knew That About Colorado

“Light, funny and very informative. Definitely wins a space in my library.”
- Perry Deshler, Owner, A Bargain in Books, Second Generation NATIVE

“Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Brought back lots of memories and many a chuckle!! I recommend it.”
- Nita Hastings, Second Generation NATIVE

“Every state should have one.”
-Dick O’Neill, ALIEN from Florida